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Holiday Rental Management on the Costa Blanca.

We know that what you need is to minimise your worries and maximise your profitability and we have been doing what we do best since 1994, caring for and adding value to your property.


We take care of everything so you don't have to worry about anything.

When a property becomes part of our portfolio, a whole process begins that you should be aware of in order to understand what our job is and what we actually do, apart from bringing clients to your property.


Villas Guzman, all under the same umbrella.

We understand that your concerns and needs do not end here, and for more than a decade we decided to expand our company by offering a professional, effective and above all results-driven sales department.

Guzman Homes

Guzman Homes is the perfect complement, the same family with the same interest, yours. A space designed specifically for sale, located in the same building, but in a different environment and specially designed for our buyer clients. An office born from the needs of our owner clients who, over the years, have changed their needs, or those who decide to invest in the area and only trust in our management. We knew that we ourselves would be the best in managing the purchase and sale, not only because of our knowledge of the market and because we are a family from the area, but also because we have qualified staff who are steeped in our philosophy of a family business, close and accessible.

Buying and selling - Architectural projects - Construction
Guzman Homes, we accompany you in all stages of your investment.

Experts in Know How, we manage both the sale of your property and the purchase of new investments with the maximum guarantee and confidence, as well as new projects completely customised to your needs. Architecture, construction and decoration to provide the best of comprehensive services. Our aim is to be able to accompany you during each stage, advising you and ensuring the highest profitability for your property. Because your peace of mind is priceless and we know it.

We want to reward our owners!

We deeply value the trust that owners of rental villas place in us, they are our most important partner and we want to have with them a gesture of mutual trust and gratitude. We reduce the commission Villas Guzman villa owners who wish to sell their property will receive a 4% commission instead of the 5% commission, which is established in Spain for real estate transactions.