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Moraira Castle

We know that Moraira Castle will be one of the first sights to catch your eye when you visit the area. It is very difficult not to notice it, as it dominates the coastline of the municipality. It is very easy to imagine all the adventures that must have taken place in this part of the Costa Blanca.

The castle was built in the middle of the 18th century with the aim of defending the coast from attacks by Barbary pirates. These pirates came from different locations, such as Morocco, Algiers or Tunisia. Not only did they seek to board other ships, but they also sought to approach the inland territories in search of slaves for trade.

Today, it is only a reconstruction of what it once was. But what happened to the original? What happened to the original? It was destroyed by English raiders in 1801. Today, it is an ox-leg building with a semicircular façade facing south. The walls are 10 metres high and are fortified with ordinary masonry and faced with ashlars of original stone from the coast. In addition, in the corner closest to the west, you can still see the beginnings of what was once a night watchman's lodging.

The old interior is divided into three parts. The central space was about 200 metres in area and the side spaces were smaller. Originally, they were covered by vaults and were only lit by the few windows on the façade. This made it more inaccessible, strong and robust to enemies and invaders.

In front of the castle gate, you can see a small hermitage. It is most likely that, in the original construction, it was inside the fortress. Nearby, you can still find a water cistern that was useful for supplying the inhabitants of the castle.

Nowadays, you can not only visit the outside of the castle and enjoy the panoramic views, but you can also go inside. Inside you will find an audiovisual museum about the Mediterranean Sea and the historical piracy that plied that coastal past. What better way to get closer to the times when the castle was a great bastion of the Costa Blanca?

Details of Moraira Castle

  • Castell de Teulada - Moraira, C. Castillo, s/n, 03724 Moraira, Alicante

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