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Holidays in Moraira

Enjoy a dream holiday in a unique destination

What to see in Moraira?

This is undoubtedly one of the most charming towns in the Valencian Community. This municipality is also known as Teulada-Moraira, as it is made up of two population centres: Moraira on the coast and Teulada inland. 

Everyone who visits Moraira is captivated by its places. You have been warned! 

Its beaches and coves, its famous castle or its hermitages and churches full of history will fascinate you. 

Among its beaches and coves we can highlight the Portet beach, small and shell-shaped, the Portixol cove, perfect for swimming and diving, or the Cap Blanc cove with unbeatable landscapes. You can also sunbathe in l'Andragó cove or l'Ampolla beach. If you have enough days, we recommend spending a day at each one! 

Close to the beaches is its famous and charming harbour, with small boats and low buildings. Strolling along it and sitting down to taste the freshest fish and seafood is the best thing you can do. 

And if you want to enjoy its culture, we invite you to visit the old town, the castle of Moraira and the historic Font Santa Chapel. 

We will tell you what else you can do later but.... Take the opportunity to enjoy one of the best places in the Valencian Community!

Villas in Moraira

Enjoy a tailor-made accommodation and make your holidays unforgettable.

Essential plans in Moraira

If there are two words that define Moraira, they are tradition and history. All the essence of the Costa Blanca can be found here - a must-see!

Beaches and coves of Moraira

If you take a look at its beaches and coves you will understand why it is an increasingly popular destination for a great summer holiday.