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The Red Wall

One of the attractions for photography enthusiasts are Ricardo Bofill's buildings in Calpe. No wonder! This post-modernist architect built some sensational spaces that set trends with their colours and shapes. In Calpe, you can find two of them, the Muralla Roja and the Xanadú Building.

Although it was born in the 60's, it was not until 1973 when the construction was finished. But... What are they? Well, they are constructions located in the La Manzanera housing estate, housing some fifty dwellings that are lost in a geometric route. Bridges, staircases, towers and courtyards that are used regularly by their guests. Although one of the most recurrent panoramas is the one that presents the swimming pool drawn as a cross on the rooftop and enveloped by sinuous terraces.

The geometry is inspired by North African adobe towers and old Arab and Mediterranean fortresses. Although its architectural richness does not stop there, as its entire composition is treated through the typology of the Greek cross, managing to separate the service towers at the intersection of the crosses.

Both buildings have been declared an Asset of Cultural Interest and to enter the interior of the buildings, as an outsider, you need an invitation or authorisation. Another option for photography is from the Cala la Manzanera viewpoint.

It is not one of the most photographed buildings by chance, its characteristics have become an emblem all over the web. Its mixture of blue and pink colours, its measured geometry and the essential views of the Peñón de Ifach are more than enough to make it stand out from the Costa Blanca's seascape.

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