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Benitachell monument

Have you thought about spending a few days in Benitachell for sightseeing? Then you will be able to discover the most emblematic monuments of this town. Starting with the town hall, a three-storey building with a rough white stone façade, where you can see a coat of arms on the top floor that leaves no one indifferent. Continuing with the visit, you will come across the Portalet. This is a gate that gives access to the church square from the back. The Portalet is the second entrance to the village square, and constituted the entrance to the walled nucleus on which the first settlement was formed, around the church. During the medieval era it was a walled area formed by the higher ground, the walls of the church and the small houses at the back. Once you enter the small doorway you can see a viewpoint with amazing views of the bay of Xàbia, the cape of Sant Antoni, the Montgó and the succession of mountains that reach the Puig Llorença.

One of the most famous monuments of this small town is the church of Santa María Magdalena. It is a parish church located in the highest part of the village. The parish church is inspired by and dedicated to Saint Mary Magdalene. Once inside you can see that white and gold are the colours of excellence, forming a baroque style in the interior of this building. On the rough stone façade you can see a giant dome with blue and white tiles. On the other hand, it has an elongated and narrow bell tower, where you can see a clock in the central part and a cross located at the top of the tower. The combination of both monuments makes Benitachell one of the most beautiful villages in the area. It is advisable to visit the church of Santa Maria at night, as the lights that illuminate it make it even more special and beautiful.

Another of the most important monuments in the area is the Jaime Llobell Oratory. A hermitage founded in the 19th century by the priest Jaime Llobell with the aim of protecting the most needy. After the Civil War it suffered some damage, and in 1974 it was restored to become a place of worship. The chapel has a courtyard with plants around it and benches to sit on.

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