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Holidays in Benitachell

Enjoy a well-deserved holiday in a dream setting.

What to see in Benitachell?

Benitachell has a past rich in history, with villages that passed through the area leaving examples of architecture that can still be seen in various parts of the municipality. 

Throughout the town there are monuments, places like the Town Hall, the Portalet, the Church of Santa Maria Magdalena and the Otario Jaime Llobell are examples of Christian constructions that still remain in place today. 

But apart from culture, Benitachell also stands out for its numerous natural spaces. Above them all is the Cova dels Arcs, a space sculpted by the sea in the form of a cave which is accessed from the Cala del Moraig. A must see. 

Discover all the things you can do on your holidays in Benitachell.

Villas in Benitachell

Enjoy a tailor-made accommodation and make your holidays unforgettable.

Benitachell beaches and coves

Benitachell's coastline is dotted with nooks and crannies between cliffs that form totally natural spaces where you can disconnect and spend a day with the family.

Essential plans in Benitachell

You have plans for both the coast and inland. From La Cumbre del Sol you will find places to make the most of the summer and from Poble Nou you can enjoy the typical natural surroundings of the area.