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Bernia mountain range

The Sierra de Bernia is an area focused on the more adventurous who wish to explore landscapes created by Mother Nature and can do so by cycling or hiking. The Bernia route can be done in two hours where the destination is to reach the Forat, a spectacular cave with amazing views of the Mediterranean Sea and the province of Alicante, or you can also do a four hour route up the Sierra de Bernia until you make a circle and return to the same place where you started. It is not a very complicated route, with some climbs, but suitable for you to go with your family and group of friends.

El Forat is a place that borders the mountain range and you access it through a conduit where you can see some prehistoric graffiti that will leave no one indifferent, and where you will have to climb until you reach the impressive balcony. If you wish to continue your exploration, you can inspect the Bernia castle, located in the sierra and enveloped by the cliffs. A ruined site characterised by three arches in the form of aqueducts. These constructions have their origin in the 16th century, when by order of Felipe II the construction of what is known as the Fort of Bernia began in the southern part of the sierra.

It is a very good way to combine sport and culture, since while you walk you get to know a little of what existed in the past, that is to say, what our ancestors did. If you are an adventurous person who likes adrenaline, you can go climbing on the crest of Bernia, it is a stretch with sharp and flat areas with ascents and descents for this type of activity.

From the highest point and next to some remains of the fortification, you can see a panoramic view of a large stretch of coastline. From its 803 metres high, you can see from the Port of Alicante to the Cabo de la Nao in Jávea. On clearer days, you can even catch a glimpse of the island of Ibiza.

It is a protected landscape. Not only for what its characteristic enclave means, but also because it is the ecosystem of a great variety of flora and diverse fauna. It is home to birds of prey and mammals, such as foxes and badgers.

Details of Bernia mountain range

  • Sierra de Bernia, 03590, Alicante

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