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Llobella Cove

Are you looking for a sheltered and quiet cove? If so, we recommend you to visit the Llobella cove, an area of rocks and pebbles where good weather prevails all year round. This cove is famous for being located in the middle of nature and for being able to do a wide variety of aquatic activities, such as snorkelling or scuba diving, as it has a calm and transparent sea that makes it easy to see the animals and aquatic species. It is a good destination if you want to disconnect from routine and get away from civilisation. If you have decided to spend the day in this cosy little cove, we recommend you bring water or a soft drink in a cooler, something to eat and some booties so as not to hurt yourself on the rocky and slippery ground.


Details of Llobella Cove

  • Cala Llobella, 03720

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