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Old Town of Altea

The small town of Altea is full of contrasts. From its highest point, you can appreciate a panoramic view that frames the sea while you can see how enveloped by the mountains Altea is. This is one of the reasons why its Old Town is so special and one of the reasons why it attracts more and more visitors.

The first thing that will arouse your curiosity is the whitewashed houses and the blue dome that reigns at the top - a very recognisable sight!

We recommend that you start your visit at the Paseo Marítimo. After walking along it, head towards the Town Hall, which is right in the centre of Altea. It is in a square next to a small church that is steeped in history, as it was an old convent. This is the most modern part of the town, with shops and the municipal market. Once you have seen all of this part of the town, the climb to the Old Town begins.

To start the climb you can choose to follow the Pont de Mocau or the Costera Mestre de la Música, and a second option is to climb the stairs between the whitewashed houses to the Glorieta viewpoint. From here you can reach the Plaza de la Iglesia, passing first through the Plaça de L'Aigua, where you will find the ruins of an ancient cistern from the late Middle Ages. One of the attractions of this place is that during the summer months the area becomes the stage for a multitude of concerts.

If you choose to go up the Pont de Moncao, you will see the Bellaguarda neighbourhood on the right. It is a very attractive place. It is a little gem which, however, is still unknown to tourists. In its place there is an old watchtower that has been rebuilt. You will also discover part of the old city wall.

You will fall in love with the captivating beauty of the region. It is an ideal place for artists and craftsmen to develop their work, always with an incredible atmosphere. In fact, it is common to find artisans of all kinds doing their work on the street or in the stalls you will find there.

It won't take you more than a day to explore all the streets of the Old Town. But if you want to enjoy every corner of Altea and not just the Old Town, staying in holiday accommodation in the surrounding area is the option that will allow you to enjoy the town the way you want to. At your own pace.

Details of Old Town of Altea

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