General conditions

General Booking Conditions:

1. Definitions: 1.1. Accommodation: 1.2. Accommodation provider: The effective provider of the Reserved Accommodation who is also in charge of the provision of services such as key delivery, cleaning, maintenance, etc. And that you receive the payment that the tenant must make on site according to the reservation. 1.3. Booking agent: The Landlord himself, possible intermediary or other independent organization that is responsible for the lessor of the administrative processing of the reservation and who receives the payments. 1.4. Lessee: the person mentioned in the reservation form that makes the reservation, as well as the occupants of the accommodation. 1.5. Rental price: 1.6. Reservation. 1.7. Reservation form: 1.8. Lessor: person (owner) or company that represents the owner who provides the property mentioned in the reservation form. 1.9. Website.

2. Scope of application: These general reservation conditions are applicable to all reservation contracts between the Lessee and Lessor.

3. Conclusion of the reservation contract: At the moment in which the lessee makes a reservation through the Internet, in writing, by telephone, by e-mail or in person with the Lessor or with another reservation agent, a contract will be considered concluded at that these general booking conditions apply.

4. Modifications: Modifications to the reservation contract and exceptions to these general reservation conditions will only take effect if they have been agreed in writing between the lessor or the booking agent and the lessee. If the modifications involve an increase or decrease in costs, the parties must agree in writing to the corresponding modification of the rental price.

5. Payment terms: The reservation can be made through the Internet, in writing, by phone, by e-mail or in person with a booking agent. The agreed advance payment, generally 50% of the rental amount, must be in the possession of the reservation agent 3 working days after the reservation is made, only then the reservation is defined. The first payment of 50% can be made by bank transfer or visa card and also online from the payment gateway on the same website. The amount of the second payment corresponding to 50%, plus the cleaning extra or any other extra that the client has contracted, will be paid thirty days before arrival.

5.1. Damages deposit: All reservations made after July 1, 2020 are exempt from damages deposit. ALQUILERES GUZMAN SL will not ask you for a credit card nor will it withhold any amount from your card upon arrival.  Although ALQUILERES GUZMAN SL reserves the right to claim by the opportune ways to the renter any breakage or damage that takes place during its stay, by mistreatment or badly use of the lodging.

6. Price: Prices are indicated in euros per accommodation and per week or per day. We reserve the right to change the price of accommodation if there are variations in rates, exchange rates and taxes. In this case, the net amount, that is, without surcharge, of the increase in these expenses will be passed on. If this increase takes place within three months of receipt of the reservation form, the lessee may terminate the contract. In this case, the amounts already paid will be returned to the lessee.

7. Termination: The contract will be terminated (the reservation is canceled) if the lessee does not comply with the provisions of point 5. The payment on account will be used in that case to cover the expenses incurred and the damages suffered, particularly the loss of benefits. .

8. Cancellation:

The cancellation policy for all reservations made after May 1, 2020 will be:

- From the date of the reservation until 30 days before the entry: free cancellation and refund of everything delivered to that date.

- Between 29 days and 14 days before arrival: Cancellation fee of 50% of the total amount of the stay.

- 13 days before arrival: Cancellation charge for the total amount of the stay.

- In case of no show (No show): Cancellation charge for the total amount of the stay.

In the case that the client abandons the accommodation voluntarily, for any reason or circumstance before the end of the contract, the company is exempt from any type of refund for this concept.

In the case that there are mobility restrictions due to COVID19 on the day of arrival on your reservation, the amounts paid for the reservation will be fully reimbursed. The possibility of a change of dates, or a voucher for a future booking if desired, will also be provided.

9. Insurance:

Alquileres Guzman S.LU. S.L.U does not offer any cancellation insurance this season, beyond the cancellation conditions offered by the reservation.

10. Landlord's responsibility: Alquileres Guzman is responsible for ensuring that the description of the villa corresponds to the general characteristics of the villa, although there may be some modifications regarding the furniture or decoration in a timely manner since the owners can modify or renew the themselves for impairment. Alquileres Guzman S.L.U is not responsible for possible modifications that affect the home (furniture, decoration, facilities, appliances) or its surroundings and that are not contractable by the company, nor will it accept penalties from the guest.

11. Renter's responsibility: All the occupants of the accommodation, as well as the person or entity that makes the reservation, whether or not it is an occupant, will be jointly and severally liable for the total rental price and for the damages caused by their conduct and by the conduct of all others that remain with him in the rented accommodation. Garbage should be deposited in the closest container. The reservation will be valid for the number of people indicated in the reservation form. Therefore, it is not allowed to occupy the accommodation with more people than indicated and occupation with a higher number of people could lead to the termination of the rental contract and the loss of the deposit. In that case, the payments made will not be returned and the lessee must pay the full amount of the rent. If the tenant intends to accommodate more people in the rented accommodation than allowed, the tenant must request this in writing from the booking agent prior to the start of the rental period. The accommodation provider may refuse this or demand the payment of an additional surcharge. The tenant agrees to occupy the accommodation in accordance with current general regulations. Alquileres Guzman S.L.U will provide you with a single copy of the house keys. Depending on the property, another copy of the keys may be provided. The non-return of the keys or loss of them will have an additional cost of € 100 for the problems that this may cause.

12. Deposit: In case of damages and / or losses in the leased, due to the fault or negligence of the tenant (including the person mentioned in the reservation and the occupants of the dwelling), the total amount of the damages will be subtracted from the deposit. If the damages and / or losses suffered in the leased, or the damages suffered by the owner and / or the provider of the accommodation are greater than the amount paid as a deposit, the tenant must pay the rest directly to the provider of the accommodation. Breakages, losses and / or damages in the leased must be reported within a maximum period of 48 hours to the accommodation provider and the damages must be compensated. For hiring short stays (for days or weeks), a deposit will only be given by credit card that will be returned or unlocked after a minimum of 3 days and a maximum of one week from the client's departure, if everything is in perfect condition. For longer stays of at least 2 months, a guarantee deposit will be delivered by credit card that will cover any possible damage that may be found after the end of your stay. This deposit will be retained until we have the relevant invoices for any possible damages. In addition, the data of a credit card will be required from which the supply costs can be deducted that will be charged periodically month by month or until we have in our hands the invoices with the total consumption. In the event that the damages exceed the amount in guarantee, the tenant must pay the difference immediately, otherwise the pertinent legal actions will be taken. There is a special security deposit for youth groups and special events. The amount ranges from 100 to 300 euros per person depending on the quality of the home to ensure its perfect condition.

13. Duration of stay, arrival and departure: At the destination (July and August), your arrival is generally expected between 4:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. at the address of our office, in low season, Monday through Friday from 2:00 p.m. 00:00 to 18:00 and Saturdays in the safe, ask us if they arrive Saturday. In the event that you arrive after the indicated hours, the Accommodation Provider has the right to charge you for the costs of this key handover. The day of departure you must leave the accommodation before 10:00 am and return the keys to the agency. Otherwise the accommodation provider and the owner have the right to charge you compensation for damages. This act could involve, as a minimum, the loss of the deposit. The Accommodation Provider has the right to make a final inspection. On departure, the tenant must leave the accommodation in a considerable, orderly and collected condition. The elements inside and outside the accommodation such as furniture, etc., will not be able to be moved from their original site, if so, we would proceed to deduct the amount of € 60 for the problems that this may cause. Leaving trash inside the property will also incur an expense of € 60 that will be deducted from your deposit.

14. Documents: Prior to or at the time of booking, the booking agent will provide you with the necessary general information regarding the rented accommodation and its surroundings.

15. Modification or termination: Alquileres Guzman S.L.U may substitute the reserved accommodation in the event of any serious unforeseen event that prevents the guest from fully enjoying their stay due to another of similar characteristics. The fact that the previous tenant of the same accommodation, in breach of his contractual obligations, has not vacated the home, shall be deemed included in this case.

16. Incidents: Despite the fact that our maintenance team works constantly in our homes for their perfect operation, problems can arise that could not be detected or that in the case of high season have been more difficult to detect, in In this case, if you notice an error or deficiencies at the destination, you are expected to notify the accommodation provider or the local booking agency / agent during the first 48 hours, in order to avoid inconveniences and the company can proceed with the repair. that corresponds as soon as possible. To do this you must write to, indicating the name of the villa and the dates of your reservation, detailing the inconveniences that you want to be addressed and indicating those that are most urgent for you. Attached photographs of each point noted are appreciated for a better understanding. After these 48 hours and not having received any notification from the client, Villas Guzman will understand that the house is in perfect condition. If you change to another accommodation or leave the leased accommodation in advance without consulting the booking agent, you will lose all the rights of restitution. Any deficiency in the cleaning of the house, must be reported immediately to the agency. After 24 hours, no complaints will be accepted on this matter.

It is important that the guest is aware that they are renting a house that is susceptible, as in all cases, to breakdowns or problems that in some cases are not directly controllable by the Guzman Rentals team and that require specific intervention. These incidents, in many cases impossible to foresee, such as problems with the septic tank, broken pipes, failures in the water heaters, etc., for which we ask for the maximum collaboration and consideration since from our part we will put all our efforts into solve them in the most effective way possible immediately. We must remind and warn them that the resolution of incidents can not always be carried out immediately (especially in high season) since in some cases a technician and a time period that does not depend on us is required and is completely beyond our control. The guest should know that neither the company nor the owner will be responsible for these specific cases in which the company does not have control of the necessary actions.

Works: The accommodations that appear in our brochure and on our website are private properties of different owners and are generally located in large residential areas. The accommodations are therefore not located in tourist complexes, so incidentally it can happen that unexpected works take place in the surroundings. These works are carried out by owners or contractors of works with whom we have no relationship and therefore we have no influence on those actions. Neither the accommodation provider, nor the booking agent, nor the landlord therefore assume any responsibility for the inconvenience caused by the works that are not carried out by order of the accommodation provider.

17. Cleaning costs: On the website and in the price list you can see if cleaning costs are included in the corresponding accommodation. If not, the corresponding expenses are indicated. These expenses are indicated along with the rental amount on the reservation form. Generally these expenses are paid with the last payment. End-of-stay cleaning costs are included in your contract. If you want an extra cleaning service during your stay, you must contract it previously and pay its additional cost.

18. Bed linen and towels: Bed linen and towels are included in the rental amount. For the weekly change of clothes, you must bring the used one to the office, where the cleaning will be delivered to you, with prior notice the day before. Clothes that are not previously requested will not be delivered and clothes that are not in bags will not be accepted.

19. Additional facilities: In many cases, if indicated directly at the time of booking, a cot, a high chair, a park, etc. may be requested, after consulting availability and at an additional cost that will be indicated in your reservation.

20. Pets Most owners do not allow pets. Only with the express authorization of the accommodation provider and with an indication in the reservation certificate, will a pet be allowed in the home. The additional cost per pet will be € 50 per animal. In case of not communicating the presence of your pet, an amount of € 150 per animal may be deducted from your deposit or bond.

21. Indication of comfort level: On our website you will find an indication of comfort level. This indication is an assessment of the quality and comfort of the corresponding accommodation. * * * * * = luxury, * * * * = superior, * * * = good, * * = standard.

22. Satellite television: If satellite television is indicated in the description, this does not automatically mean that you can receive all the programs you want.

23. Water and electricity: In southern countries, power and water supply cuts occur more frequently. Municipal and / or regional authorities, for different reasons, may agree to temporarily cut or limit distribution. In no case may the accommodation provider or our organization be held responsible for any damages caused.

24. Pool: Pool maintenance is done once to twice a week. The maintenance hours are from 07:00 to 10:00 or from 19:00 to 21:00, but these hours may vary. In the event that the pool is dirty or you see any inconvenience, please call the office immediately. Any type of manipulation by the client can have penalties. It is mandatory to shower before entering the pool to remove any type of cream or oil. Pools can become green due to the excess of this type of product, becoming incapable for up to 3 days, this being your responsibility. Guests must always allow access to the house to our authorized staff, in order to carry out the services required above and required, both the maintenance of swimming pools and gardens and any breakdown or repair that the house needs. The entrance to the house will occur with prior notice and always knocking on the door before in all cases.

25. Choice of jurisdiction and applicable law: For any doubt or controversy, the parties expressly submit to the Courts and Tribunals of Denia (Alicante-Spain) and their hierarchical superiors, renouncing their own jurisdiction that may correspond to them, applying in any case the Spanish legislation regarding substantial or material and procedural law. The lessor may consider the address indicated by the lessee to be correct, however, if he is located in a foreign country, the lessee may choose the address of the Consulate of his country of origin closest to the place of signature of this contract. In what is not foreseen in this contract, the provisions of the Civil Code and Decree 92/2009 of July 3 of the Consell de la Generalitat Valenciana, which approves the regulatory regulation of tourist homes and management companies, will apply. in the territorial scope of the Valencian Community and complementary norms.

26. Wifi: Wifi is for normal data use. Any excessive download will mean that the Router will stop working. In this case the cost of its replacement will be € 50. The Wifi service is an external service so the company will not be responsible for any incident, cut or failure of the line, although we will act in the most immediate way to try to solve any problem that is in our hands.

27. Accidents and thefts: When making a reservation, the guest assumes full responsibility for everything related to his personal safety and that of his belongings. Neither the Alquileres Guzman company nor the owner will be responsible for any damage, injury, illness, death, material damage or theft that the guest or their companions may suffer during their stay.

28. Failure to comply with these conditions will be reason for the company Alquileres Guzman to order the eviction of the house, cancel or cancel the rental of the same, as well as lose the deposit.

29. Basic information on data protection (Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of April 27, 2016): ALQUILERES GUZMAN S.L. is responsible for the processing of your personal data in order to manage the reservation and the hiring of the vacation rental that you request from us, under the legitimation of the execution of a contract in which the interested party is a party. Your data will not be transferred except legal obligation. You are assisted by the rights of access, rectification, cancellation, opposition, portability and limitation that you can exercise in our offices or by email You can obtain further information about the treatment of your personal data in the privacy policy of our page Web.

For what purpose do we process your personal data?
The data you provide us is used by ALQUILERES GUZMAN S.L.U in order to manage the reservation and rental accommodation of your stay in our properties. Accounting, tax management. Management of the sending of commercial communications in relation to the real estate rentals through the email you provide us.

What is the legitimacy for the treatment of your personal data?
The communication and treatment of your data are necessary for the execution of the lease contract in which the interested party is a party and a legal requirement. Compliance with legal obligations applicable to real estate professional activity derived from commercial and tax legislation. Your express consent to send commercial communications that we request at the bottom of this document.

How long will I keep your personal data?
The personal data you provide will be kept as long as our contractual or commercial relationship is maintained. However, from the date of the termination of our contractual or commercial relationship, your data is kept: Four Years for tax purposes: The accounting books and other books that are mandatory records according to the applicable tax regulations (IRPF, IVA, IS, etc) Articles 66 to 70 General Tax Law. Six years for commercial purposes: invoices issued and received, tickets, corrective invoices, bank documents, etc.) Art. 30 Commercial Code.

What is the origin of your data? The data is provided by you.
To which recipients will your personal data be communicated?
To companies collaborating to manage the reservation and rental accommodation of your stay in our properties and necessary to provide the service. To the Tax Administration, for the fulfillment of tax obligations. To the corresponding banking entities for the management of payments and collections.

Data transfer to third countries. International Data Transfers will not occur.
What are your rights when you provide me with your personal data?
You can exercise the rights of access, rectification, deletion, limitation, portability, withdrawal of consent and opposition of your personal data at the email address or at the postal address AVENIDA DE LA MARINA 318 03720 BENISSA ALICANTE accompanied in both cases by a copy of your ID or equivalent official document proving your identity.

Right of Claim to the Control Authority
You can request the protection of rights that have not been duly addressed to the Spanish Agency for Data Protection. Either through the electronic headquarters of its web portal (, or by writing to your postal address (C / Jorge Juan, 6, 28001-Madrid).